Our Clients

BG is clearly focused on satisfying our clients. Our job is not simply to develop a project, but to help the client succeed. We approach projects to succeed, always recognizing that cost, quality, and delivery time are critical factors in creating and deploying systems that meet exactly functi

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Who We Are

During the mid-1980’s BG began focusing on imaging applications, office automation, and developed a set of tools. This solution was well received by the market as it allowed most applications to handle office automation and security systems.

Today, BG has become well established and operates within a framework of strategies that have assisted to guide and propel our organization toward being a technology player that is unique and demonstrates originality in every facet of our business. Beshara Group International is the main holding company based in Kuwait...

Products / Projects

This section include a reference for all the products we have developed for E-Gov and private Sectors

CSIS (2008-Present) – Civil Service Commission

CSIS, a web based Total Human Resources Management System, is a comprehensive suite of HR and Personnel applications designed to provide complete solution for managing human resources and payroll in governmental organizations, or large private organizations according to their business needs.

Its major strength lies in the successful combination of modern technologies with knowledge of HR Management all to meet the administrative and financial needs of any type and size organizations

CSIS gives organizations in all industries worldwide the tools needed to manage their most important asset: people. The solution equips executives, human resources (HR) professionals, and line managers to hire the best talent, as well as train and cultivate the skills of their workforce

CSIS has been developed using the latest Oracle database (11g) and latest development technologies and tools (J2EE, JSF, Oracle Toplink, AJAX, etc…) giving the system more independency, flexibility and adaptability to any working environment.

CSIS is a full automation of core human resources processes, manages all human resources information, both administrative and financial coupled by extensive reporting and data mining capabilities.

CSIS handle all aspects related to human resources, development, recruitment, career tracking, performance appraisals, vacations, payroll, and all other related HR activities


In order to stay ahead, modern sophisticated projects require careful planning and implementation. When these steps are executed well they pave the way for projects to proceed smoothly simply because expectations are clearly understood by all parties involved. The benefits: projects can go live faster, business results are achieved and project success becomes a reality. Beshara Group consistently aims to architect solutions that make fundamental changes to our clients’ business

activities in order to maximize the value of their technology investment.


Collectively, Beshara Group’s team has decades of practical knowledge and every member of our team is trained and experienced with a range of operating systems, database management systems, and development languages.

Beshara Group provides development, implementation, integration and customization expertise that guide our clients toward achieving their information technology goals. We work in close partnership with our clients to ensure the project is conducted on time and on budget, and more importantly that the solution meets their expectations.