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BG is clearly focused on satisfying our clients. Our job is not simply to develop a project, but to help the client succeed. We approach projects to succeed, always recognizing that cost, quality, and delivery time are critical factors in creating and deploying systems that meet exactly functi

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About Us

BG was established in 1992, under the name of Beshara Group Company. BG is fully Kuwait owned company with paid-up capital of $1 Million USD. For the past 20 years, our organization has grown and established a solid reputation in the business community and with our technology partners for developing and deploying dynamic, robust and flexible solutions built on leading edge technologies. BG Applications a subsidiary of BG is considered a leading solution provides among its peers and rivals, and has an-ongoing mission is to help our client’s design and craft systems that transform their operations in harmony with their organizational strategies and goals.

Brief History

During the mid-1980’s BG began focusing on imaging applications, office automation, and developed a set of tools. This solution was well received by the market as it allowed most applications to handle office automation and security systems.

Today, BG has become well established and operates within a framework of strategies that have assisted to guide and propel our organization toward being a technology player that is unique and demonstrates originality in every facet of our business. Beshara Group International is the main holding company based in Kuwait, and has established several affiliated companies in Kuwait, Dubai and Egypt to strengthen its portfolio of offerings in the regional market.

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Our Profile

When BG was formed we asked ourselves two questions…

How can we help our client’s effectively design and implement IT solutions that address the business issues and situations they face today?

How can we generate new opportunities that will help them stay ahead in the future?

Our answers to these questions have led us to the conclusions that the answers are ever changing in the face of rapid technology cycles and constantly evolving business models. The reality of these dynamic market forces, we directed our focus on three concepts:

Technology. Innovation. Ingenuity.

Embracing the momentum of ever changing technology offerings, we continue to believe in our ability to craft the most innovative solutions, such ingenuity builds lasting value into the solutions we deliver to our clients.

To put these concepts into action in the business world we constructed a framework of strategies that would guide and propel our organization toward begin a technology player that is unique and demonstrates originality in every facet of our business.

Our Strategies

· Provide access to innovative technologies to address each client’s unique and diverse needs.

· Provide our clients with ‘architected’ solutions that raise the bar amongst our peers and provide precedence for future projects.

· Provide our team with the tools, knowledge and coaching to foster creativity and professional growth.

· Provide exceptional service that exceeds the expectations of our clients, suppliers and partners.

· Provide our organization with a forward thinking vision and focused strategy to remain competitive long into the future.

BG offers end-to-end integrated solutions including consulting services, software and application development, system integration, technical support and maintenance. We provide a full range of solutions for enterprise business applications in the areas of financials, CRM, internet, payroll and human resources, workflow, electronic document management, and IVR systems. By combining technology, innovation and ingenuity we are able to deliver solutions that are right for our clients.

Our Mission

Imagination. Ingenuity. Skill.

Imagination, ingenuity and skill are the pillars that enable BG to architect solutions that surpass expectations and create lasting value for our clients.

Our on-going mission is to help our client’s design and build systems that transform their operations in harmony with their organizational strategies and goals. We provide the tools and knowledge such that our clients’ can take a proactive stance to their day-to-day business undertakings, as well as achieve their aspirations by harnessing the power of emerging technologies.

Our Vision

Our organization was inspired by the idea that –

Architecting solid and dynamic e-Solutions can only enhance productivity, have a positive impact on enterprise economics and ultimately enhance the inner workings of the environments of any organization.

Our vision coupled with years of experience has enabled us to thrive on the challenge of each new and unique information technology project.

Our business demands that we master and apply the right mix of e-commerce technologies to effectively create and deliver solutions that lead in terms of quality, cost and client satisfaction.

Our pursuit is to deliver exceptional and progressive solutions that are right for our clients today and tomorrow.

Our Culture

Partnering. Collaboration. People.

In this challenging environment, partnering is a widely used phrase that speaks of commitment, trust, understanding and excellence. Through collaboration and partnership, we are renewing our dedication to market growth and customer satisfaction. We grew to be this strong, international enterprise by developing fields of opportunity with our clients, and we must continue to relate as a partner with clients, suppliers, and consultants.

But, we have also learned that partnering must be internal. All our teams collaborate as never before to share technology, conduct joint planning, analysis and development efforts, create and enhance services, and leverage our resources. We are promoting the transfer of information and technology across all teams to our clients.

Comprehensive information is the first element of successful decision-making, and we are committed to intensifying our efforts to continue down the road of success through our people. We capture and cultivate the highest caliber of professionals, continue to help them grow, and extend their talents to the market and to our clients. At BG, we believe that investing in our people translates into a better solution and a better experience for our clients.