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Cairo, Egypt, Africa
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Database Administrator – MS SQL (Specialist)

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Position Description: The Database Administrator is responsible for managing the database and data dictionaries of the organization, troubleshooting, and system management within technical services. The Database Administrator is responsible for data management, system management and system programming in the organization database environment. Database management includes configuration, security, resource monitoring and reporting, troubleshooting, and the development of specialized programs. The Database Administrator helps coordinate software issues with other IT organizations including applications and operations. The Database Administrator is challenged to assist in database design, programming, troubleshooting and management of problems affecting IT and enterprise database applications, as well as developing the area for future expansion. Required Technical Expertise: Proven Experience in management of web based (3-tier) and client-server architecture applications. Proven experience in administering databases and applications within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment. Proven experience in performing the following tasks in MS SQL environment: Installation, upgrading and updating of new and current software. Configuration, Tuning and optimization of hardware and software with the system administrator. Security administration to monitor and administer MS SQL security including adding and removing users, administering quotas, conducting backups (System Administrator) and checking for security problems. Proactively monitor MS SQL environment for optimum performance and capacity constraints. Good Knowledge of Windows Server (2003/2008) platform. Position Requirements: Minimum experience of 10 years in areas related to database enterprise level design, administration and programming with minimum of 5 years proven experience in database administration. BS or BA degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent degree. Exposure to system internals, the knowledge of low level database programming languages Knowledge of various database and networking systems. Knowledge of relational database technology, transaction processing procedures, and advanced modeling and design tools. Ability to express complex technical concepts effectively, both verbally and in writing. Ability to work well with people from many different disciplines with varying degrees of technical experience. Years Experience Required: 10 yrs+ Travel Required: 80-100\% Contact Mail: hr@ebeshara.com
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