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Cairo, Egypt, Africa
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IT Training Consultant

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Position Description: The IT Training Consultant will be generally responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the training programs and material for IT professionals. The IT Training Consultant should be able to develop effective curriculum and training materials that fits CAIT’s role. The IT Training Consultant should be able to perform training needs evaluation, apply methodology standards and follow instructional design to meet IT professionals training targets and career planning objectives. The IT Training Consultant will assist CAIT in implementing policies and procedures related to various training programs as well as Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the curriculum by deploying measurement and feedback tools that track outcomes and ensure alignment to business objectives. Required Technical Expertise: Working experience in conducting training in the field of IT. Proven experience in the management of training courses in the field of IT. Good working knowledge in evaluating IT training centers. Proven experience in developing training curriculums related to IT and development of training evaluation metrics. Proven experience in the Human Resources development and career planning with focus on IT. Working experience in deploying e-Learning programs. Position Requirements: Minimum experience of 20 years in areas related to Information Technology with a minimum of 10 years experience in the field of IT training. BS degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent degree. Knowledge of office automation, Information Technology, Training techniques and practices. Demonstrated skills in human relations and communications with non-technical end-users. Excellent oral and writing skills in Arabic and English. Years Experience Required: 20 yrs+ Travel Required: 80-100\% Contact Mail: hr@ebeshara.com
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