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Cairo, Egypt, Africa
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Mainframe Telecommunication System Specialist

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Position Description: The Mainframe Telecommunications System Specialist is responsible for overseeing Mainframe communications within technical support. The Mainframe Telecommunications System Specialist is responsible for all aspects of Mainframe communications within the enterprise including coordinating with data communications like LANs and WANs to support the enterprise’s growth and development of new business opportunities. Required Technical Expertise: Proven experience in the management and administration of mainframe telecommunication systems and data networks related to the Z/OS environment. Proven working experience in planning and implementing technical support services related to mainframe telecommunication systems including the link with LANs and WANs. Working experience in IBM Network Communication including: VTAM,TCP/IP, JES328x,Tivoli Net View, Net View Access, OSA, and JES2 under IBM Z/OS. Working experience in related communication equipment: Routers, Switches, Gateways and Access Servers. Working experience in performing technical support within the SNA environment along with awareness of technologies and techniques to migrate from the SNA and private network environment to Virtual private networks based on the TCP/IP protocol. Position Requirements: Minimum experience of 10 years in areas related to mainframe operation, management, protocols, architecture. Minimum of 5 years experience in mainframe communication systems operations. BS degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent degree. Thorough understanding of mainframe procedures and operations as well as linking it to WANs and LANs. Demonstrated skills in human relations and communications with non-technical end-users. Solid understanding of the mainframe systems management competencies, i.e. monitoring, capacity & performance management, security, plus general systems administration knowledge of the mainframe environment. Excellent oral and writing skills. Years Experience Required: 10 yrs+ Travel Required: 80-100\% Contact Mail: hr@ebeshara.com
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