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Cairo, Egypt, Africa
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Data Security Analyst

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About this job
Position Description: The Data Security Analyst is responsible for data security including the planning, design and implementation of security measures which safeguard access to organizational files and data elements. The Data Security Analyst must provide a timely and rapid response to user community’s request for assistance. The Data Security Analyst will assist in protecting organizational information assets from intentional or accidental destruction or modification while minimizing the impact upon those who need legitimate access to the data including potential risks from the Internet and Intranet environments. The Data Security Analyst has the challenge of protecting organization information assets from intentional or accidental destruction or modification while minimizing the impact upon those who need legitimate access to the data. Required Technical Expertise: Working experience in IT environments similar to CAIT environment. Proven Experience in web based (3-tier) and client-server architecture applications. Proven experience in databases applications within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment. Working knowledge in Network protocols and mechanism like MPLS, VPN, OSPF, SNMP and others. Working knowledge with Internet protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, DNS, FTP, BGP, NAT and others. Working experience with Firewalls operation, policies, procedures and platforms (CISCO Pix, CheckPoint, Juniper, Netscreen, fortigate, sidewinder). Working Knowledge and experience in Proxy Servers, ISA servers (or equivalent), Mail servers. Proven experience in Key concepts: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. Proven Experience in applying Authenticity, Non-repudiation, Risk management and Controls: Administrative, Logical, Physical. Proven experience Security classification for information, Access control, Cryptography. Position Requirements: • Minimum experience of 15 years in areas related to designing, installing, configuring and managing IT solutions and systems with minimum of 7 years proven experience in Data Security. BS or BA degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent degree. Proven experience in the ability to plan and control projects. Knowledge at the expert level of current data security techniques, hardware capabilities, large scale database and data networking/communications environment. Ability to understand, and clearly relate to other members of the organization, technical manuals, software specifications, hardware principals of operations, and general methods of systems software operations and security. Ability to communicate effectively dealing with internal personnel and external organizations and suppliers. Years Experience Required: 15 yrs+ Travel Required: 80-100\% Contact Mail: hr@ebeshara.com
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