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BG is clearly focused on satisfying our clients. Our job is not simply to develop a project, but to help the client succeed. We approach projects to succeed, always recognizing that cost, quality, and delivery time are critical factors in creating and deploying systems that meet exactly functi

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Home Practice Areas
Practice Areas


Business Consulting


Strategy and Architecture

Implementation Planning

Web Services

Enterprise portals & content management

Enterprise application integration

Enterprise web services solutions

Enterprise security services

Enterprise information architecture

Development Services

Evaluate and Merge Business Strategies

Analyze Business Requirements and Design the Technology Architecture

Determine Optimal Usage of Technology within the Architecture

Deliver Solutions

Infrastructure Services

Review existing network and server architecture

Infrastructure design

Configuration and implementation of network and server(s)

Hardware design, specification and procurement

Site monitoring (network, web, servers)

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

Legacy transformation

Enterprise Application Integration

Specialized Services

Health management systems

Health center planning, equipment & servicing

Healthcare and scientific equipment and supplies

Main Activities and Practice Areas

Data Management System

Micro-computer including hardware, software Personal computer – mini computer mission-critical servers ( Intel, RISC, Alpha ) based microprocessor Accessories & supplies , spare parts , Scanners, RAID Systems, Jukebox, Multimedia & Backup units.

Network & Communications, LAN/WAN, Token Ring, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Giga Ethernet, Fiber Optic ATM, Hub, Bridges, Routers, Frame Relay, ISDN, ADSL, HDSL, IDSL, and all the fast network peripherals in addition to Network cabling and sites design and consultations .

Software & Development Application, Included Ready made programs, in-house developed applications based on Desktop, Client/Server, Mainframe, Office Automation, Internet/Intranet/Extranet, Messaging , DIMS/Workflow e-mailing systems, CTI Voice Processing IVRS. All the software developed and programmed on:

- C, Visual C++

- Visual Basic


- IBM Visual Age

- Ingres, Informix

- J2SE



- PowerBuilder

- Delphi

- JavaScript

- Oracle, SQL RDBMS

- DB/2\.

- J2EE

- Struts

- Servlets

In additional to multi operating systems we are specialized on:

- MS-Windows95/98

- OS/2Warp

- Novell

- MS-Windows NT 3.51/4.0

- UNIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SCO


Security Computing Systems, such as ID systems, Time Attendee and Security Base Systems:

  • Magnetic card reader systems ( including H/W & S/W )
  • Finger scan systems ( including H/W & S/W )

Consultancy & Training, a trained stuff ready for implementing a training for high level scale on the Retail & Enterprise packages, the consultancy we are giving covers all the studies, human resources, preparations. We are working in conjunction with an International world wide company IT PEOPLE ™ who’s specialized on Information Technology .

Medical & Laboratory Equipment

  • This included all Medical & Scientific System, health, laboratory, hospitals, clinics, research institutions, educational.
  • Health Hardware & Software
  • Health center planning, equipment & servicing
  • Health management systems
    • Surgical Gloves
    • Scanning Electron
    • Microscope with EDS (WDX SYS)
    • Liquid Nitrogen Plant
    • Wind Sensor Speed
    • =Ultrasound System
    • X-ray management system
    • Ophthalmology dinics

Major Products Represented

IBM Partner for software products including:

  • DB2® Universal Database – IBM
  • Visual Warehouse® - IBM
  • Net Data® - IBM
  • Data Propagator® - IBM
  • MQSeries® - IBM
  • Transaction Server® - IBM
  • ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM®) - IBM
  • Net.Commerce® – IBM
  • VisualAge® – IBM
  • Tivoli® – IBM
  • eNetwork Personal Communications® – IBM
  • eNetwork Communications Server® – IBM
  • eNetwork Communications Suite® – IBM
  • eNetwork Host On-Demand® – IBM
  • DataJoiner® – IBM
  • FlowMark® – IBM
  • Domino Go Webserver® – IBM

Oracle Partner for all available software products

  • Oracle 8i and 9i & 10g Database
  • Oracle 9i AS (Application Server)
  • Oracle 10g AS (Application Server
  • Oracle Jdeveloper
  • Oracle J2EE
  • Oracle Portal
  • Oracle Collaboration Suite

NEC® Computers

USA, Japanese technology into one system with NEC Computers Servers, Workstation, Monitors the first ever monitor on the world wide, peripherals.

MAXIMUS® Computers

USA, product midrange to high end workstation

AUSTIN® Computers

USA, product midrange to high end workstation

Ingram-Micro Inc.

The world Leader on supplies and Retail sales for a full range of Computers, Notebook, Printers, Monitors, Peripherals ( Compaq, HP, Gateway, 3Com, Kingston, Fujitsu, Canon, ..etc )


Full range of Computers, Printers, Plotters, A0 Scanners, Jukebox, Optical Storage, Spare parts.

TNSI Company

Networking & Communications, one of the world biggest supplier for reputed products in communications filed, ( 3Com, Ascend, CS TELECOM, GN Nettest, Motorola, Visual Networks, NORTEL, Sync, Newbridge, BICC )

Ascend® /Lucent Networks

The world wide Leader on Communication & Network products particularly on ADSL, HDSL, IDSL and VDSL product ( Speed up network products ).


A world leader in serving the telecommunications and utilities industries for Billing and Customer care, Order Management, and other related systems.

Law Cypress Inc.

USA company providing a special services with a multi-platform for a different fields, Industries, Medical, IT, Scientific ..etc. Computerized and automated machines with consolations.


Voice & Communications company specialized on the world of Interactive Voice Response Systems, Call Centers, Computer Telephony Interface CTI Hardware, Software and consultancy.

Ease® Inc.

Voice Response System software specialize company, implementing projects on a different platform ( OS/2, Unix, NT, Novell ..etc. ) one of the world wide leader on IVRS software.

Dialogic® Inc.

Communications peripherals and voice card, the world’s leader on voice card and Rack-amount – Switches systems namely for Voice processing systems

BYTE® Inc.

Document & Image Management System company, one of the world’s leader on the DIMS, ByteQuest the Enterprise solution for the Knowledge Management systems in additional to:

  • ByteQuery® Record & Document Management System
  • Byte Search® Full Text Search engine ( Database/Documents )
  • ByteCOLD® Computer Output on Laser Disk
  • ByteCOOL® Computer Output On-Line
  • ByteFlow/ST® Workflow Automation System
  • ByteGateway® Internet on-line integration tools
  • ByteSatellite Kit® Publishing tools for indexes Documents
  • ByteView® Engineering Draw Viewer with Special Tool for CAD
  • ByteQuest working is a multi-platform ( Unix, OS/2, Windows NT, Novell, etc.); ODBC compliant Database working with SQL RDBMS Databases such as ( Oracle, Sybase, MS-SQL, Ingres, Informix, DB/2 ...etc ).

PaperClip® Imaging Company

Network Document Management System Mid/High end level, the famous Mid range imaging system in the USA, Stable environment implemented on Network edition and SQL, ODBC compliant .

Data & Research Services Inc. DRS®

Data Capture and Analysis corporation, the European leader company on Optical Mark Reader (OMR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) solutions, the typical application hardware/software for statistics, reporting and date capture.

Formic Limited

Formic3® Optical Mark Reader & Intelligent Character Recognition software with a capability for integration and exchanging captured data .


A global leader providing eLearning solutions to higher institutions and universities, as well as k-12.