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Cairo, Egypt, Africa
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Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
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Full time

Internet/Intranet Administrator Specialist

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About this job

Position Description: The Internet/Intranet Administrator oversees the operation of the organization connection to the Internet, as well as protocols and software used for intranet communications. The areas of responsibility are planning and managing the connection to the Internet/Intranet. The Internet/Intranet administrator will be managing technical support for the organization Intranet deployment, as well as its connection to the Internet. Required Technical Expertise: Proven experience in Windows Server platforms (2003, 2008). Proven experience in documenting daily technical logs and using server technical manuals. Certification in MCSA, MCSE or MCP. Position Requirements: Minimum experience of 8 years in areas related to TCP/IP architecture planning and management. BS or BA degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent degree. Ability to work with a variety of hardware environments, and to manage the Internet/Intranet installation from a client as well as a server perspective. Experience with server platforms and TCP/IP server software, networking, and security architecture and implementation. Experience with standard Internet protocols and other Internet issues such as name servers, hypertext transfer, file transfer, e-mail, Usenet, etc. Familiarity with common Web languages and extensions as required, e.g. tables, frames, server-push/client-pull, server-side includes, etc., as well as awareness of browser compatibility issues. Familiarity with both Internet and Intranet connectivity. Experience with database design and implementation utilizing databases. Experience with modems, DSU/CSUs, routers, terminal servers, hubs and bridges. Should be familiar with Common Gateway Interface and Java language programming, as well as animated GIF creationExperience with SMTP postmaster administration and other transfer protocol configuration. Ability to program forms and implement scripts. Ability to interact positively and effectively with employees at all levels within the organization, as well as with customers, prospects, and vendors. Demonstrates project management skills. Excellent oral and writing skills Arabic Proficiency is an asset. Years Experience Required: 8 yrs+ Travel Required: 80-100\% Contact Mail: hr@ebeshara.com

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